by Margaret Edmonds AND

William Sims (8) Ralphie Bugler (6) and ZacWilding (8)


Humphrey popped out of a molehill beside Much Natter Station. "You donít look very happy," said Teddy Mac "Thatís because there is a HUGE marble," said Humphrey. "and itís stuck in the tunnel under the Garden Room, Can you help?" Teddy Mac looked back at Grandad but Grandad was busy re-filling Otterís tender with water. "Just coming," he said. Following Humphrey through the tunnels, he arrived to find the tunnel almost blocked.. "But itís not a marble, Humphrey, itís a golf ball." said Teddy Mac.

Suddenly another ball appeared and another and another! It just so happened that there was a tunnel from the Crazy Golf to the mole hill. At exactly the same time, the people who were playing golf were very confused. They wondered where the balls had gone. Then a squirrel came down the tunnel. His name was George. "There are lots of golf balls that have fallen down the mole hills" said Teddy Mac," and Humphrey canít move them. "I know," said George. "Iíll get my family and friends to help." So off George went. About five minutes later, George returned with families and families of squirrels.

One squirrel called Jack jumped in the hole and got a ball and every squirrel copied him and took them back to their tree and went back to the hole and did it again then Humphrey helped them. Teddy Mac tried to pull the ball out but he fell down. The Bunny Brothers had an idea. They jumped up and down making such a noise that the squirrels threw the golf balls to the ground to keep them quiet. One by one they dropped, narrowly missing Teddy Mac, Humphrey and the Bunny Brothers before running downhill towards the Crazy Golf.

"Goodness me!" said a family watching the balls bouncing down the steps towards them. "These really ARE crazy golf balls!" Teddy Mac smiled and trotted back to Grandad.

The End

Some spelling has been changed to ease the reading, but congratulations to all three children who took part. You were marvellous!

Matthew Bull (10) had his own idea about a Teddy Mac story. He decided to make a plan of one.

ALIENS IN SPACE by Matthew Bull

  1. Teddy Mac (and the Railway Bears) build a Pecorama in Space

  2. Aliens visit it. Teddy Mac talks to them as if they were people

  3. Moles come to visit to build a Mole Mine

  4. Aliens cause trouble

  5. Teddy Mac and Space Pecorama go back to earth.

A good concept Matthew. Well done! Perhaps it might help to have Teddy Mac solve the problem caused by the Aliens? It would feel as if he had achieved something - which is always good for a story.


It seems that there are a lot of children out there who like to write. I shall be at Pecorama on Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday reading stories and signing books.

Hopefully, I should be able to start another story so that those children who want to contribute are able to do so.

Margaret Edmonds © 2012



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