The Police Station, moved to a custom built 'bunker' style premise in Foundry Row in 2001 and was the 1906 building was demolished in 2004 The Dynevor Arms in Pantyffynnon was built in the 1880s and  has been empty since the 1990sA station called Dyfryn Lodge was built in 1841 on a mineral line that reached Pantyffynnon from Llanelli in 1841. It was renamed Tirydail in 1889, Ammanford and Tirydail in 1960, and Ammanford in 1974





Ammanford Police station, built 1906
Dynevor Arms, Pantyffynnon
Ammanford Station (formally Tirydail)

Ammanford and District
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Newsletters and Articles

One of the objectives of the society is to build up an archive of articles about the history and archaeology of the Amman Valley and district. We hope this will be a valuable resource for members of the society and Internet browsers alike. Wherever possible we will add to our archive a paper read out at the Society.

Each article is a PDF file which will open in its own window. It can then be read on-screen or printed off for you to read at leisure.

DateSubject of Article
June 2006Ammanford Motte and Bailey Castle.
Sept 2006 Betws New Drift Mine, by Dr John Dorian Evans
Oct 2006The Lord Rhys (1132-1197)
July 2007