Teddy Mac's Short Stories

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"Teddy Mac and the New Year's Resolution"


"Teddy Mac, Claudine And The De-railed Train"

"Teddy Mac And The Awfully Big Adventure" 

"Teddy Mac And The Spring Loaded Points"

"Teddy Mac And The Engine That Sneezed"

"Teddy Mac, Humphrey And The Famous Flood"

" Teddy Mac, Thomas II and The Wishing Well"

"Teddy Mac, Samastipur and The Snowy Scene"

"Teddy Mac, Claudine and the All Night Run"

"Teddy Mac and the Sports Day in the Secret Gardens"

"Teddy Mac, Boris and the Model Railway Exhibition"

"Teddy Mac, Otter and the Wasps’ Nest"

"Teddy Mac and the Moon Marble"

"Teddy Mac and an Eventful Evening in the Engine Shed"


The following stories are now available in a new book

"Teddy Mac Short Stories".


"Finn MacCool and the Easter Bunny"

"Claudine and the Twisted Track"

"Otter and the Barbecued Bacon"

"Alfred and the Super Speedy Shuttle"

"Teddy Mac and the Christmas Party"

"The Iron Beast of Beer"

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