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Striking miners walk with the coffin at the funeral of Joe Green, the second miner to have been killed on a picket line. Yorkshire coalfield 1984 . Date: 22/06/84
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SINCE OUR formation in 1986 the Justice Campaign has sent out regular newsletters to our 1,500 supporters and affiliates. While our main concern has been for the sacked and victimised miners and their families we have regularly invited other victims of government and employer injustice to our meetings and reported their stories in the pages of our newsletters. What follows is just a summary of these newsletters, regularly supplemented by more recent news and events.

CONTENTS (click on the date)
March 20072007 David Jones/Joe Green Memorial Day, Bbarnsley
Oct 2006 Latest coal production figures
March 2006Obituaries of Notts sacked miners Paul Whetton and George 'Geordie' Brooks
Feb 2006Obituary of Betty Heathfield, founder of Women Against Pit Closures
Nov 2005History of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)
Sept 2005News from China.
June 2005UDM investigated by police as government minister intervenes in £7.5bn miners' compensation row.
May 2005Labour's Lord Chancellor advised National Coal Board during NUM strike
Feb 2005Pit closure programme escalates
Nov 2004Death of sacked miner Keith Frogson
Oct 2004A full report of the Woman Against Pit Closures (WAPC) Twentieth Anniversary Weekend Conferfence, 1st – 3rd October.
Sept 2004Plans to demolish Aberfan Children's Memorial Park by Merthyr Housing Association
2004 Photos Photo gallery of twentieh anniversary events throughout 2004
Mar 2004Scab union (the UDM) accused of profiting from sick miners
Feb 2004Pensions sell out
July 2003American school student wins major history prize on the British miners's strike
Mar 2003North Staffs Miners' Wives Action Group
Dec 2002Coal Not Dole – play about the strike
Oct 2002Orgreave re-enactment
July 2002Pensions blow for sacked miners
June 2002Apology for 1990 Mirror smear campaign against Scargill and Heathfield.
July 1998Obituary – Ian MacGregor.
1993–1994Pit occupations against government closure programme
March 1991Police persecute war veteran.
March 1990 Miners' Wives terrorised by Manchester Police

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